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USD $38/hr

7 years of tutoring

German, English

Oldenburg, Germany

Saskia H.

University of Western Australia, University of the West of England, University of Rostock

Do you also want to juggle numbers? Join a passionate math teacher on a fun-tastic lesson

Everyone can do math! It just depends on how it is taught! My name is Saskia, I am very passionate about teaching mathematics and would love to take you on a journey into the beautiful world of numbers. I worked in schools in the UK, Norway, and Germany and am experienced in teaching year 5-11 as well as the IB MYP curriculum. I explain math in an easy-to-understand way that is adapted to the learning style of each individual student. I always try to include real-life examples and fun activities to show that math is something we can connect to in everyday life. Of course, I assess the understanding of the subject, repeat what needs to be clarified, and practice, practice, practice with my students. I love to teach and to help students gain confidence and achieve their educational goals! I also completed a PhD in Marine Biology (Australia), and I am a native German speaker (in case you prefer your lessons in German).

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Subjects: Elementary Math, GCSE Math, Math, Maths

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USD $30/hr

1 year of tutoring


Lexington, United States

Bailey S.

University of Kentucky

Very passionate about the sciences!

I currently tutor BIO 148 and am planning on also tutoring BIO 152! I prepare condensed notes for each unit that better explains concepts with pictures and example! Here to help!

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Subjects: AP Biology, Advanced Cell Biology, Anatomy

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USD $30/hr

1 year of tutoring

Tagalog, English, Hiligaynon

La carlota city, Philippines

Rits Dhian R.

West Visayas State University

General Biology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry

I am currently working as a senior high school General Biology teacher. I have done internships at renowned biotechnology laboratories in the Philippines such as the DNA Barcoding laboratory and the UPV-NIMBB Laboratory.

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Subjects: Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry

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USD $13/hr

11 years of tutoring

Pashto, Pushto, Urdu, English, Hindi

Karachi, Pakistan

Abdul Q.


Abdul Wali khan University Mardan

Biology and Pashto Language Certified Teacher with 7 years of experience

I am a passionate Tutor who likes helping students achieve their targets. . I am very proficient in the following subjects: 1. Biology 2. Microbiology 3. Zoology 4. Entomology 5. Cell Biology 6. Research papers Every student who experiences my teaching and support has got a good story to share. I also give assignment support and write research papers. Feel free to contact me for any of the above subjects, and I promise you would not regret the expect that awaits you. Thanks a lot, as I look forward to having a fruitful experience with you.

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Subjects: AP Biology, Biology, Education, Food Science, Genetics, Health and Medicine, Human Ecology, Infectious Disease, Medicine, Microbiology, Pashto, SAT II Biology E/M, Urdu, Zoology, research papers

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USD $25/hr

6 years of tutoring

English, Urdu

Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Hareem M.

The University of Punjab, The University of Punjab

An experienced tutor and researcher in Microbiology

My name is Hareem Mohsin. I completed my MS in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics from the Institute of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, University of Punjab, Pakistan. I have six years of experience teaching at all grades levels, from basic intermediate to upper university level. Following are the subjects which I have taught to students 1) Biology 2) Biotechnology 3) Genetics 4) Microbiology 5) Molecular biology 6) Analytical techniques in Microbiology 7) Introduction to cell signaling 8) Immunology 9) Microbial Taxonomy 10) Microbial Genetics 11) Research Methodology 12) Dissertation Writing 13) Article writing 14) Biosafety and ethics While tutoring, I used different methods, like using graphs and diagrams, and focusing on books rather than rote learning from the slides to make the concepts clear to my students. Looking forward to speaking to you Thank you.

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Subjects: AP Biology, Biology, Genetics, Immunology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Scientific Research, Scientific Writing

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