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CAD $20/hr

English, French

Guelph, Canada

Samantha F.

University of Guelph

Bachelor of Science in Zoology, University of Guelph

Hello everyone :) I can help with all aspects of undergraduate level animal and ecosystem biology. This includes animal behaviour, evolution, physiology, and other biological categories. I know some plant anatomy and biology, but not as much as someone who specializes in it. A lot of my degree focused on ecosystem dynamics and biodiversity. I also took courses on aquatic ecosystems and limnology, as well as biostatistics (focus is using RStudio to do data analysis). I am available not only as a tutor to help you study and understand course material, but also as an editor to help you with writing assignments and becoming better at scientific communication.

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Subjects: AP Biology, Biology, Elementary Math, Elementary Science, High School Science, Middle School Science, Natural Ecology, R Programming, Science, Scientific Writing, Writing, Written and Verbal communications, Zoology, proofreading, research papers

Currently Not Accepting New Students

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