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USD $10/hr

6 years of tutoring

English, Urdu

Seni Gumbat, Pakistan

Zeeshan A.

Iqra public school and college, GHSS Kohat, Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad, Kohat university of science and technology, Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad, Kohat university of science and technology

Certified Tutor for Physics, Math, Chemistry, and English

Assalamualaikum and Hello! My name is Muhammad Zeeshan Anwar. I'm from Pakistan. I did Master of philosophy (MPhil) and Master of Education (M.Ed) . Presently working as a teacher in government education department of KPK Pakistan. I love to teach Physics (Mechanics, Electrodynamics etc), Maths ( algebra, geometry, calculus and trigonometry) and also English. I have five (5) years of teaching experience in online and physical platforms including primary level, middle, high, O and A level and university level. I'm the founder of tuition academy and have taught hundreds of students in it. As far as my methodology is concerned, I focus on basic concepts of the subjects and make them easy and interesting to students. I engage students in different tasks for their better understanding and solve students' problems and difficulties related to their subject.

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Subjects: ACT English, ACT Math, ACT Reading, ACT Science, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Macroeconomics, AP Physics, AP Statistics, Algebra, Physics, Physics (Electricity and Magnetism), Physics (Fluid Mechanics), Physics (Newtonian Mechanics), Physics (Thermodynamics)

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USD $10/hr

Filipino, English, Waray, Korean

Navotas, Philippines

Rowena B.

Navotas Polytechnic College

Hello, everyone! I am Rowena from the Philippines. I am currently a third-year college student taking up Secondary Education Major in English.

I am currently a third-year college student taking up Secondary Education Major in English. Next year, I will be doing practice teaching and I am looking forward to it. For now, I want to have an experience tutoring online. If you let me have an opportunity to help you with your English assignment, readings, writings, project and etc, I would be happy.

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Subjects: ACT English, ACT Reading, ACT Writing, AP Language, College Essays, Creative Writing, Early Childhood Education, Education, English, English Literature, English as Second Language, English as a Second Language (ESL), Essay Writing, Grammar, Proofreading

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USD $25/hr

3 years of tutoring

Swahili, English

Eldoret, Kenya

Hellen B.

University of Eldoret

Biology is my passion and sharing it with you is my goal.It may seem like a hard course to understand, but join me in a session as we break it bit by bit to the last course of your interest.

A Bachelor degree in Education Science with a Biologymajor in biological sciences,upper major in Zoology. A minor in Chemistry and a currently doing Masters degree in Biology.

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Subjects: Biology, Marine Biology, Molecular Biology, Zoology

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CAD $20/hr

3 years of tutoring

English, English

Windsor, Canada

Vikram B.

PES Institute of Technology, University of Windsor

Mathematics, Supply chain management, Inventory management, Project management

Strong Mathematical and problem solving skills coupled with Master's in Industrial engineering.

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Subjects: Algebra, Applied Mathematics, Competition Math, Derivatives, Differential Equations, Elementary Math, Linear Algebra, Maths, Physics (Heat Transfer)

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