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AI Tutor is a learning tool that creates personalized support for you based on the subject and level of education that you need help with. With instant chat, practice tests, lesson plans, and reading material, AI Tutor is your answer to doing better in school!

AI Tutor

“I like how AI Tutor breaks the question into steps instead of just giving the answer right away, just like a tutor would!”

Reza S.

“AI Tutor helped me grasp a difficult question and ace my chemistry homework.”

Demi P.

“AI Tutor made a big difference in my learning. Now I get the concept and can solve similar problems on my own.”

Majid B.

AI-Powered Learning

Unlock the benefits of AI Tutor

Enhance your learning experience with AI Tutor and receive 24/7 homework help, test prep, and more.

Get 24/7 Homework Help

With 24/7 access and instant replies, AI Tutor is always available so you can get the support you need, whenever you need it!

Learn Any Subject at Any Level

Whether it is math, science, writing, or language learning, AI Tutor can help you learn any subject - no matter your level of education.

Personalized Learning

AI Tutor adapts to students' unique learning styles, paces, and preferences, offering personalized homework help and practice tests to optimize your growth.

Access Human Tutoring Support with a Hybrid Learning Approach

AI Tutor connects you with tutors from TutorOcean when you need extra guidance, motivation, or support with difficult subjects.

All-in-One Learning Platform

Everything you need to get better grades

AI Tutor offers instant chat, practice tests, lesson plans, and writing help for any subject and any grade level.

Instant Answers with AI Tutor Chat

AI Tutor Chat provides instant answers to virtually any question and also explains how to find the answer yourself, allowing you to truly understand the material and do better on your next test. Customized to each subject, AI Tutor Chat can provide theory explanations, generate sample problems, create essay writing prompts, offer language learning practice, and more!

Instant chat with AI Tutor
Learning with AI-generated practice tests

Prepare with Practice Tests

AI Tutor Quizzes give you the ability to quiz yourself on your desired subject so you are better prepared for your next test in the classroom. With instant results, you can get explanations of answers you got wrong and see a summary or which topics you did well on, allowing you to focus your study time on the topics you need the most help with.

Stay Focused with Personalized Lesson Plans

AI Tutor Lesson Plans allow you to quickly create customized study schedules that are tailored to your learning needs. Lesson Plans break down complex subjects into easy-to-follow modules and keep you accountable with progress tracking and calendar reminders. Whether you have three weeks or three days to study, Lesson Plans make it easy for you to prepare for your next big test!

Learning with AI-generated lesson plans
Learning with AI-powered writing help

Write Better Essays, Faster

Whether you're starting an essay from scratch or looking to improve an existing one, AI Tutor can help you master your writing skills. The Writing Tool can generate an essay outline for you, suggest ways to write your key points, and summarize or proofread your writing. It can even act as a writing coach, with a chat function that will help you brainstorm new ideas or ways improve your argument.

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